A Dissection of the Illegal Online Casino Gambling Industry



Katrin Becker

While the online gambling industry continues to witness exponential growth, illegal online casino gambling is also thriving almost as much. Many sites, especially new online casinos, engage in one or more malpractices that amount to illegality.

A Dissection of the Illegal Online Casino Gambling Industry

Unlicensed vs Offshore New Online Casinos

Unfortunately, many players don't know they are into illegal gambling because the entire concept of illegal gambling is often misunderstood for one reason; there are two levels of illegal gambling.

Unlicensed New Online Casinos

On the market, many new online casinos operate without any licensing or regulation. This is a big risk now that the casino or operator is not answerable to anyone. When looking for the best casino to join, players must always check whether the casino has a license. The license is displayed on the footer or in the 'About Us' section available on most online casinos.

So, what's the fuss with unlicensed online casinos? There's no doubt playing at an unlicensed casino poses many risks.

First, there are many fraudsters in the digital space. Most are after crucial personal information, for example, bank details and credit/debit card data. With licensed casinos, gamblers can be sure that all of their data is in safe hands. These casinos secure their websites using the latest military-grade encryption and have a clear and honest privacy policy.

Another reason to shun unlicensed new casinos is that they are not to be trusted. Licensed casinos adhere to strict policies and are vetted to assure players that the company can pay winnings. But in the case of unlicensed casinos, there are no obligations. Most unlicensed casinos elope with players' deposits. Others will deny players their legitimate winnings.

Perhaps the biggest risk of playing at unlicensed casinos is manipulation. In casino gambling, the rule of the thumb is that the house always wins. But, some unscrupulous operators go a step further and manipulate the games in their favor. Most of the casinos caught cheating don't have a license. That said, players should make sure the new casino they are about to join is licensed and, importantly, the games are audited for fairness.

Playing at Offshore New Online Casinos

Another form of illegal gambling is playing at offshore online casinos. In many countries where gambling is illegal, casino enthusiasts have a leeway - international online casinos. While governments may have total control over the local operators, it's hard to keep the international operators in check. Players will still access the offshore sites as long as they have a convenient casino deposit method that suits them.

Even though many governments are incapable of prosecuting players who gamble at offshore online casinos, the fact remains, gambling at offshore casinos when gambling is prohibited amounts to illegal gambling.

At the end of the day, players will still gamble at unlicensed new casino sites and offshore casinos. The worst option is, of course, unlicensed casino sites - they pose the most significant risk. But, at least there are many new casino sites that are licensed by a renowned gambling regulatory authority.

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