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How to Pick a New Online Casino for the Best Slot Experience

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More and more people are starting to shift to online casinos instead of taking part in gambling activities at regular land-based casinos. This transition experienced a massive boost during the Covid 19 lockdowns as places like gyms, movie theaters, and casinos started to close. 

How to Pick a New Online Casino for the Best Slot Experience

At the time of the lockdowns, online casinos were the only option for anyone looking to scratch their gambling itch. However, many people kept on using online casinos even after the lockdowns started getting lifted. One of the main reasons is that online casinos are much more convenient. 

For all those reasons, there has been a massive influx of new casinos opening up these days. A new online casino gets launched almost every other month. 

Another thing observed by players that switch to online casinos is that the most common games played in online casinos are slots. Playing slots at a regular casino is similar to playing slots at an online casino in terms of experience, because it is a solo experience. 

Since new casinos offer such attractive bonuses and rewards, one of the most common questions asked by slots players is how they can choose a new online casino to get the best slots experience. Here is our extensive take on precisely that. 

What are Slots Games?

Before diving deep into choosing a new online casino for an amazing slots experience, let's talk a bit about what slots are. 

Slots include a collection of gambling games or games of chance. A slot game traditionally has three sections with random symbols that make up a unique combination of symbols. These sections can be more than five, depending on the variant. 

As a player starts a game of slots, these symbols start spinning. Once they stop spinning, a new combination of symbols appears inside the sections. If this combination is one of the pre-determined winning combinations, the player will win a reward. The spinning and final combinations are random, which makes slots based on luck or chance.

There are two types of slots. The first one is online, and the second type includes slot machines. The difference is that slot machines use a mechanical system for spinning the symbols inside the sections. On the other hand, online slots use software and random number generators.

To start the game, a player must wager some cash by putting it in the slot machine or by depositing it at the online casino. After that, the user must pull the lever for slot machines or press a button for online casinos.

What Factors to Consider While Choosing Online Casinos for Slots Games

To help you find a new online casino for a great slots experience, here are some critical factors you should look at. 

Variety of Games

The first thing you should look at while finding a new casino for the best slots experience is the number and variety of slots available at the casino. There are some great slot games out there, and new ones are launched almost every other month, if not every other week. 

To enjoy the complete slots experience, you do not want to miss out on any of them. You must look at the number of games offered at new casinos. You should ensure that they have enough slots and keep updating their list with new games.

However, playing slot games with the same theme over and over again is no fun. People get bored after looking at the same theme. For that reason, a variety of slot games is important. If a new online casino has a collection of different slot games, you will have a new one to play every time you get bored. 

The Top Online Slots Games

Here are some of the top slot games you should look for in a new online casino. While you might not like all of them because it depends on personal preference, we have tried our best to include a mix of different games to appeal to a wide spectrum of preferences. 

  • Sweet Bonanza: Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play, a reputable casino game developer, is one of the most popular slot games. Sweet Bonanza is a candy-themed slot game that offers gamblers a chance to win up to 21175x their initial stake. 
  • Primate King: As the name suggests, this is an ape-themed game with a mysterious Skull Island vibe to it. Primate King is one of the most fun slots to play.
  • Big Bass Bonanza: If the ape theme is not your thing and you prefer a sea world theme, then Big Bass Bonanza is for you. Big Bass Bonanza has some unique features that reward users with free games. 
  • Starburst: Probably the most popular game on this list is Starburst. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its feature that provides gamblers a chance to win a jackpot worth 50,000 times their bet.

Game Providers

One of the biggest problems with online slots is rigging. Creating a slot game from scratch is not that difficult, and creating one that always lands on the losing combination is even easier. Rigged slot games are surprisingly common, especially at newer online casinos, which are more likely to be scams.

The worst part is that you can't tell if an online slot game is rigged. The odds of getting a winning combination at a legitimate slot game are very low. You might have to spend up to a hundred tries before winning something at certain legit slot games. Since most people don’t play for that long, figuring out whether or not a slot game is rigged is nearly impossible. 

Fortunately, tons of great new online casinos have legitimate slot games. When a slot game uses a random number generator to generate the final combinations, it means the game is not rigged. 

How can you tell if a slot game is not rigged and uses a random number generator? All you have to do is check out the game providers. Game providers that have been around for a long time and have a good reputation don't develop rigged games. For this reason, it is necessary to look at game providers and ensure that the slots are from some of the top casino game providers. 

Top Slot Game Providers

To help you with slot providers, here are our picks for some of the top online casino game providers. If an online casino has slots from these providers, you can rest assured that the games will not be rigged in any way. 

  • Evolution: Evolution was founded in 2006 and has developed over two hundred casino games for online casinos. Evolution has maintained a reputation as one of the top online casino game providers, with zero rigged games.
  • Play'n GO: Play'n Go was founded back in 1997, which makes it one of the oldest online casino game providers. They have developed over one hundred casino games, including slots. 
  • Amatic: Another old online casino game provider is Amatic. Amatic was founded in 1993 and started as a casino equipment manufacturer for land-based casinos. Until now, Amatic has developed over one hundred games. 
  • Pragmatic Play: One of the more recent online casino game providers is Pragmatic Play, which launched in 2015. They have developed over two hundred online casino games. Pragmatic Play is also one of the most popular online casino game providers. 
  • Booongo: Another recent online casino is Booongo, which launched in 2015 and has developed only around fifteen games. However, those games are quite popular.


The main reason why a lot of people gravitate towards new online casinos is that they offer some of the best bonuses. Since new online casinos have to provide something extra to grab market share and attract potential users, they offer a wide variety of bonuses, which allows players to get a lot more out of the online casino. 

While bonuses make online casinos a super attractive option, not all of them are great for the best slots experience. The thing is, most bonuses are limited to certain gambling activities. For example, a new online casino might provide two bonuses for live casino games, three bonuses for their esports betting section, or several bonuses for a particular game like roulette. However, you can't benefit from any of those bonuses if all you want to do is play some slots. 

To pick a new online casino for the best slots experience, you should go through all the bonuses they offer. You should ensure that the online casino has enough bonuses for slot games. However, certain online casinos keep adding new bonuses and removing old ones, so you should focus more on regular bonuses, like newcomer bonuses. Ensure that the regular bonuses, like the newcomer bonuses, apply to slot games. 

Are New Casinos Better for Slots Games?

There is no straightforward answer to this. However, new online casinos offer great features that make them ideal for the best slots experience. Firstly, new online casinos have a massive library of games, including slots. They do this to appeal to a diverse audience. Newly launched online casinos are also the first to add the latest games, like the new slot game launched by Pragmatic Play.

Another thing that makes new online casinos great for a slots experience is that they offer substantial bonuses. Older and established online casinos without some bonuses for slot games are quite common. However, you rarely come across a newly launched online casino that offers slots but does not offer a bonus for slots. 

With that said, it boils down to personal preference. For example, if you only like to play a handful of particular games and they are available at an older online casino, you can choose that casino without any issues. It is especially true for gamblers that don't care much about bonuses. However, if you like all those features mentioned above, then new online casinos are better for slot games for you. 


You can look at several things in a new online casino for the best slots experience, like the slot games offered and the bonuses. However, you shouldn't ignore the security and legitimacy of the casino. To avoid getting scammed, you can check out NewCasinoRank and look at expert reviews for some of the top new slot sites.

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