March 26, 2021

Buzz Bingo and Playtech bring slot tournaments

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Buzz Bingo, the British online casino website, and Playtech, the famous software developer, are joining efforts to bring slot tournaments to clients worldwide. Players just have to check the 'Tournaments' tab on the Buzz Bingo site and check out the live tournaments going on.

Buzz Bingo and Playtech bring slot tournaments

Each win will earn points for the participating players. They will be able to check how they're faring against their competitors in the general table. As always happen in slot machines, consistent chunks of luck will be key. Still, a big win at the right time can turn the tables, making the tournaments unpredictable and fun!

Win to Stake Ratio

The tournament will include a win to stake ratio. The ratio means that each player's wins will be considered not by its absolute amount, but relative to their stake per spin. A player does not need to bet higher stakes to be able to get to the top.

The win to stake ratio is a 'democratic' measure, equalizing every participant's chances, regardless of the stakes they play with. No player needs to spend more per spin to get more chances of being in the first place of each round. Every spin will allow the player to score good points.

Maximum Bet Amount

The tournaments will also include a maximum bet amount. James Frendo, from Playtech, says that the goal is to add an "extra level of enjoyment for players," and they're not expected to spend more than they would usually do. The maximum bet amount is also a clear safety measure regarding the tournament.

It's usual to find tournaments based on new slots and aiming to get the most out of the player's enthusiasm for something new. But these initiatives usually appeal to high-rollers and players with big budgets. That's not the case here, as the bet limit combines with the win to stake ratio to ensure equality.

The Hosts

Playtech is a leading gaming software developer. Founded in 1999, it showcases a huge portfolio of slot machines and other casino games. Every now and then, it comes up with a new casino slot to entertain millions of clients throughout the world. It is well-known for its large winning prizes.

The bingo buzz site is a recent initiative from a well-known high street brand of bingo clubs. Not stopping short on bingo, the website also includes a large portfolio of slot machines and even the table and card games typical of these platforms, like roulette and blackjack, with different versions of each game.

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