January 6, 2023

7 New Casino Tips for Smart Gamblers

Mulenga Chanda
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Gambling has been considered a luck-based activity for a while now. New players think that betting is about finding the best new online casino, placing a bet, and hoping for the best.

7 New Casino Tips for Smart Gamblers

But that’s where they get it all wrong. Even luck-based games like slots and bingo require skills to win. So, to stand out from “average” players at the newest casinos, employ these seven clever tips.

Tip #1. Carefully Choose a New Gambling Site

This one is a no-brainer. Smart players play at new casinos online. These casinos offer player-friendly terms and odds, leading to more wins in the long run. To know if a gambling site is reliable, check the licensing information at the bottom of the home page.

Tip #2. Understand the House Edge

Most beginner gamblers don’t think twice when selecting casino games to play. They are attracted to the fame of poker or the high-quality graphics of slot machines. Of course, these choices are spot-on for those looking for entertainment.

But if you’re after wins, then the house edge matters. For slot machines, anything below 96% is a big NO. On the other hand, there are many variations of table games, each coming with varying house edges. So, understand the odds.

Tips #3. Don’t Play Online Slots

Online slots can be deceiving with their high payouts and flashy graphics. However, it's important not to play blindly, as these games can drain your funds quickly, unlike table games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

For example, baccarat (banker bet) and French roulette come with a low house edge of 1.06% and 1.35%, respectively. It even gets better with video poker and blackjack, where the house edge can go below 0.50% with an optimal strategy.

Tip #4. Use a Money Management Technique

The solid fact is that money management won’t give you an edge over the casino. But with a well-planned money management strategy, players can contain their losses. It’s all about protecting one’s bankroll. The trick is to only gamble with funds you can afford to lose.

Also, the money should be big enough to guarantee you at least four hours of playtime per day. And if possible, don’t lose more than 30% of your total bankroll in a single session.

Tip #5. Quit While Still Ahead

This is somewhat a continuation of money management. Intelligent casino players usually have win-and-loss limits. This can be $100, $200, $300, or whatever. If you fall behind or get ahead by these amounts, then know that it’s time to quit.

In the case of wins, there are high chances that the prize will go down the drain if you continue playing. Why? The house edge is always at play to ensure your good run comes to a halt.

Tip #6. Play on Crowded Tables

Do you know why seasoned players choose to play at crowded tables? Slow is the way forward in the world of gambling. Playing with many players is the best unless you’re an advantage player looking to make more quick decisions.

Here’s the thing: the more you play, the more the casino house edge grinds away your bankroll. And the same applies to slot machines. Playing at two machines is basically doubling your losing chances.

Tip #7. Avoid Side and Prop Bets

Side wagers are usually found in table games like Caribbean Stud and blackjack. They are attractive to most beginner players because they offer large side payouts. But some of them, like blackjack’s insurance and Caribbean Stud’s jackpot bet, are considered “sucker” bets. For instance, the jackpot bet comes with a painful 25% house edge due to the pot size. In a craps table, prop bets like Yo (11.11%) and Horn (12.5%) should be avoided.


Apply the tips above, and you’re on your way to becoming a star casino player. The main idea is to have a gambling bankroll and a better understanding of the odds and house edge. And, of course, don’t bet with emotions. All the best!

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