How To Tip In Casinos - Both Live & Online



Katrin Becker

You might be used to tipping taxi drivers, people who work behind a bar, waiters and waitresses, but do you usually tip employees at a casino?

How To Tip In Casinos - Both Live & Online

Tipping in casinos is mostly going to be determined by location. Hence why we have broken it down into specific countries.

Here is how tipping etiquette varies throughout the world:

The United States Of America - USA

Yes! You must tip in the USA.

Cash tips are king! However, there are also different ways to tip dealers, which can include placing a separate bet down for them on the table. The way you do this might depend on where you are playing, so if you have any doubt, ask the dealer!

The Glorious Nations Of Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand have some very hungry gamblers. They love sports betting, side betting and of course both live and online casinos. The gambling industry has had to adjust to some changing legality, but some things remain steadfast — and one of these is tipping.

Tipping is extremely rare and definitely not expected.

If you decide to leave a tip you will make some very happy!

Europe & The United Kingdom

Gambling and going to casinos has long been a feature of the United Kingdom society, but tipping in casinos has actually been illegal until relatively recently. Therefore, even though it is now legal since the law has changed, the lingering cultural hangover has resulted in an environment with no tipping.

Europe has similar expectations. In countries like France, the Netherlands, and Germany, it is generally more common for people to tip. While it is not a hard and fast rule, it’s generally accepted that you should not tip more than 5% in these countries. There is a social stigma to being perceived as a bit of a showoff.

Monaco - Europe’s Wealthy Playgrounds

Although Monaco is technically part of Europe, it is its own gambling Mecca. Rules that apply to the rest of Europe simply don’t seem to be part of Monaco’s culture. The casino scene in Monaco is so lavish that visitors pay an entrance fee for most casinos — and even if you’re visiting famous spots like the Monte Carlo casinos and high-rolling gambling rooms, you’re not expected to tip.

In fact, casino staff here are paid incredibly well and it’s preferred that you spend your hard-earned cash at the casino tables rather than saving it for tipping. Simply enjoy your time and don’t worry at all about being judged if you don’t tip.

Tipping At Online Casinos

With the rise of online casino games, it’s been questioned whether tipping is in vouge or not. In some online casinos, it is illegal to tip, and in others, it is not expected. However, at a new online casino or one that offers live casino games, it’s possible to tip your dealers.

If you’re playing a game like online poker and your dealer has gone out of their way to make your time exceptional, it’s always a good idea to check whether you’re allowed to tip them.

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